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IT Engineer


1. End-User Support:

   – Provide exceptional technical assistance to end-users, resolving issues related to computer systems, software, hardware, and networks.

   – Deliver prompt and effective troubleshooting for user-reported problems, ensuring minimal downtime.

2. Hardware and Software Maintenance:

   – Install, configure, and maintain hardware components, ensuring optimal performance.

   – Manage software applications, perform updates, patches, and upgrades to maintain a secure and efficient IT environment.

3. User Training & Documentation:

   – Assist users in understanding and maximizing the use of IT resources.

   – Develop and maintain clear and concise documentation for common IT processes, troubleshooting steps, and user guidelines.

4. Maintaining IT Infrastructure:

   – Monitor and maintain the overall health and performance of IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, and storage systems.

   – Proactively identify and address potential issues to ensure a stable and reliable IT environment.

5. Assist in Creating Automation Workflows:

   – Collaborate with the team to create and implement automation workflows, leveraging tools like n8n.

   – Contribute to the development of efficient and streamlined processes to enhance overall productivity.

6. Cloud Services Familiarity:

   – Acquaintance with cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP.

   – Utilize cloud services to optimize and enhance IT infrastructure.

7. Software Integration:

   – Work with Zoho and other relevant software to integrate systems and streamline workflows.

   – Ensure seamless communication and data flow between different software platforms.

8. Programming Skills:

   – Proficient in scripting languages such as Python or JavaScript.

   – Utilize programming skills to enhance automation and create custom solutions.


– Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field.

– 1-2 years of experience in a similar IT support role.

– Strong knowledge of Windows and/or Mac operating systems.

– Familiarity with AWS, GCP, Zoho, and n8n.

– Programming skills in Python or JavaScript.

– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Ahmedabad

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